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We Packed Are Bags

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We Packed Are Bags

We Packed Are Bags

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Tony Bevan, Orphy Robinson, John Edwards, Ashley Wales and Mark Sanders recorded live at the 29I Gallery, Hackney, London, and the Red Rose, Finsbury Park, London, on the 28th September and the 20th October 2005.

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Tony Bevan : Tenor & Bass Saxophones
Orphy Robinson : Steel Drum, Marimbula, Percussion
John Edwards : Double Bass
Ashley Wales : Soundscapes & Electronics
Mark Sanders : Drums & Percussion

At times Bruise sounds like free jazz’s answer to gamelan, as interlacing patterns of notes and percussion join together in a delicate sound mosaic. At other times, the musicians seem to be trying to step outside of time altogether, draping the aural space with huge sheets of noise: the buzzy electronic washes of Ashley Wales (of Spring Heel Jack), saxophonist Tony Bevan’s lung-shredding howl, Orphy Robinson pummelling steel pans until the notes distort. When the band settles into a groove, the music judders, sways and doubles back on itself like one of Sun Ra’s multi-percussionist assaults. – Nate Dorward, www.exclaim.ca

The saxophonist Tony Bevan, who assembled Bruise, is barely into his fifties, but embodies the spirit of British free improvisation’s 1960s progenitors. Bevan’s playing on the second of three live tracks, Long Face, may be too lyrical for the movement’s most astringent followers, but electronic interference from Spring Heel Jack’s Ashley Wales, the percussion of Orphy Robinson and the London scene’s current rhythm section of choice (John Edwards and Mark Sanders) help him tow Bruise into uncharted waters. On the closing track, Bard, the group drift in a shifting Sargasso, haunted by the ship’s bell of a lone, pounding drum. – Stewart Lee, Times Online, April 22nd 2007

FOGCD008 : We Packed Are Bags (Foghorn Records April 1st 2007)
Produced by Tony Bevan and Ashley Wales. Recorded using a stereo microphone direct to DAT at the 29I Gallery, Hackney, London, and the Red Rose, Finsbury Park, London, on the 28th September and the 20th October 2005 by Ashley Wales. Post-production and Mastering: Asa Bennett at sonic studios. All Compositions by: Bevan (PRS), Robinson (PRS), Edwards (PRS), Wales (Chrysalis Music) and Sanders (PRS).Designed by Paul Dunn @ Diablo based on original drawing “We packed are bags and went on our way, we saw a loin and made me sick” by Queenie Qureshi Wales. C & P foghorn records (uk) 2007.

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